I'm alive here.

My name is Anthony. I could say i'm weird, but that would make me like every other person. I'm deeply involved in music, and my friends. Come be a part of an adventure with me.
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Alpstein Mountains in the morning Alpglow, Switzerland;

Dominik Baer

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Thought I’d post a selfie with my beloved brother today!

Playing at a lovely church in Texarkana, Texas! #FBC #texarkana #lookatthatorgan

Casually taking a picture of me taking a picture of you, whilst hiding from your death stare.. @liv_inthemoonshadows

Had an awesome time in Ohio hanging out with family. Thank you all for everything and I love you. #cedarpoint #ohio #family #tiffany

Grove City, Ohio
#exploring #railroad #life

Milkshake eating competitions at steak and shake in the morning.


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